Pigi Fasouli Restaurant Tavern

Welcome to the greek restaurant tavern Pigi Fasouli that has been operating since 1994 in a magnificent, green location with natural springs and running waters in the village of Psinthos in the greek island of Rhodes. The restaurant Pigi Fasouli (a traditional greek taverna) is located in one of the most beautiful spots of the valley of Psinthos next to the homonymous springs (Fasouli springs), summer in nature, in the shade of the ancient plane trees is an oasis of coolness while in winter the traditionally decorated comfortable interior of the restaurant offers us warmth. Enjoy all year round traditional Greek dishes cooked with care, local freshly baked meat on grill, chopsticks, delicious cooked meals in the wood oven such as stuffed goat with chickpeas, various appetizers and pitaroudia, delicious fresh salads and many more dishes that smells Rhodian traditional Greek cuisine !
Enjoy traditional Rhodian, Greek cuisine, fresh local meats, cooked food, appetizers, in a green landscape at the Pigi Fasouli Tavern Restaurant in Psinthos !